NPL has a Technical Collaboration and License Agreement with MEGUIN GmbH and Co. KG, Germany to manufacture and market MEGUIN branded lubricants and greases in India. MEGUIN was founded in 1847 in Germany and represents 160 years of experience in Lubricants and stands for quality and sophisticated new product ideas. It enjoys approvals from all German OEMs including Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW etc.

Through extensive research and trials, NPL has developed a wide range of Greases and Industrial Oils to suit the requirements of Indian Industries. This range of conventional and specialty products provides a ?VELVET TOUCH? touch to the machines and is being marketed under the brand VELVEX.

NPL has developed an expertise for manufacturing tailor made Genuine Oils for major OEMs over the years. Today NPL is manufacturing and supplying Genuine Oils to OEMs like KIRLOSKAR, ESCORTS, BEML, BOSCH etc. among others.

In the glorious past, NPL has been a Toll Blender for multi national brands like Mobil, BP, Total, Chevron etc. and has used that experience to formulate and market the highest quality lubricants as per latest international standard specifications.